ICT Security and Compliance

Defending Your Digital Frontier

In a rapidly changing digital environment, protecting your organisation’s vital assets is essential. We are experts in information security and compliance, enabling businesses to stay ahead of potential threats. Our professionals will use their knowledge to improve your information security posture by:

  • Implementing industry-standard controls that offer a prescriptive, prioritised, and simplified set of best practices. These controls are designed to strengthen your information security defenses against today’s top threats. Specifically:
    • Streamlined Threat Protection: Each control consists of specific safeguards, making it easier for you to defend against threats.
    • Simplified Compliance: Implementing the controls provides a pathway for complying with industry regulations such as PCI DSS, POPIA and TISAX.
    • Fundamental Information Hygiene: The controls include basic security measures that protect you from common vulnerabilities like outdated software and poor configuration management.
    • Information to Action: Adapt to the dynamic nature of modern systems by aligning security efforts with your business objectives.
    • Compliance with Legal Requirements: Many regulators recognise the controls as a way to demonstrate a “reasonable” level of security.
  • The controls are prioritised and easy-to-understand. They cover a broad range of security aspects, from basic hygiene to advanced protection.
    • Group 1: Fundamental controls for all organisations, preventing general attacks. Includes 56 safeguards.
    • Group 2: Handling operational complexity in organisations managing multiple departments. Builds on Group 1 by adding an additional 74 safeguards.
    • Group 3: Designed for organisations with IT security experts, securing sensitive data and reducing the impact of threats. Includes 23 additional safeguards in addition to the 130 safeguards in Group 2.

For a detailed analysis of each control, please contact us us to schedule a gap analysis and a roadmap to strengthen your information security.

WR360 is your trusted partner. Let’s enhance your defenses and navigate the digital landscape together.